❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥Who is Crafty Maven & Co.?❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Crafty Maven has Alaska and the rugged Alaskan spirit running through every fiber of her being. Crafty was born and raised in a small Iñupiaq village north of the Arctic Circle, surrounded by the culture, rich with traditions. Amongst those were the IÑUPIAT IḶITQUSIAT values that instilled courage, confidence, humility, respect, integrity and sharing with others - all of which have influenced the way Crafty Maven & Co operates. For Crafty, it's important that she leave the space she occupies, and people she touches, better for having encountered her. Crafty Maven lives big, loves big, dreams big, and has a big table she wants everyone to take a seat at.

Having been involved in tons of student fundraising as far back as childhood, Crafty's natural inclination towards marketing and sales could not be denied! Since 1999, Crafty has worked off and on in a wide range of positions, including direct marketing, e-commerce, Public Relations, Corporate Marketing, Certified Tax-Pro, “fixer” for small businesses, and successful business owner in her own right. 

Crafty Maven & Co. runs a YouTube channel, Facebook page and a caboodle of active Facebook groups that provides real-time peer support to many small e-commerce business owners. Crafty Maven is supported in these operations by a whole team of experienced sellers who help keep the world turning at the correct speed!

The mission of Crafty Maven & Co. is to provides fact-based answers, direct links to resources, provide enLIGHTen-ing YouTube LIVEs, private ILLUMINATION coaching and teach LIVE classes that provide more comprehensive coverage of topics.

As a neurodivergent woman with an eidetic memory, there is not much that Crafty isn’t informed on or master of when it comes to opening and running a business, direct and e-commerce marketing, and SEO. She has proven time and time again that with effective effort and appropriate knowledge, you can completely change your life (and small business)!

Crafty Maven lives in Knik, Alaska, with 5 of her 7 children. Her husband is a highly decorated, Retired US Army Infantryman. He was medically retired after having been combat-wounded while deployed to Iraq. They work together to run a farm for their children’s benefit. Sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, livestock guardian dogs imported from Bulgaria, and pet Great Danes and chaos can all be found at Hoarfrost Aerie. When Crafty isn’t baking, teaching marketing, or sleeping, she can be found in the wilds of Alaska doing wild Alaskan things.